Own who you are, Own Your Brand

A Board Certified Family Nurse Practioner with a Heart for People

Own who you are, Own Your Brand

A Board Certified Family Nurse Practioner with a Heart for People

Who is Nurse Haskins?

Own YOUR brand~ Own who you are…..

For so many years, people who knew “what” I did for a living, friends, family, and associates. I was known as “Nurse Haskins” and I would answer; I’m Ali’Ce…. off work today and not triaging your illness over dinner!!.

I never realized they were helping me to “OWN MY BRAND”.  Whether in scrubs, in class, teaching, meeting, mentoring others, etc., I was still being called “Nurse Haskins”.  A survivor who made it…. against ALL odds, statistical data, socioeconomic status,  and single mother of 2 beautiful children.  Born in  Paterson NJ who lost my mother at age 12 and moved to Englewood, NJ. As a first generation graduate of high school to cross the stage, I entered the U.S. Army Reserves and later realized that was not my calling. I returned home in 1991 and began the path of caring for others amidst my loss.

Professional Background

After several career adventures into business school, and the corporate realm, I followed my first love for people.  This passion drove me to apply for Nursing School in 1999 and climb that same ladder, from LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, and FNP.  I later returned to the technical college where I started to teach nursing as a clinical instructor in order to curve the mindset of those who joined or transitioned into the nursing field.

Today, I am a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who prides myself in my role.   After I started my journey working as a Certified Nursing Assistant of which I often tell my students while teaching at a local community college. “If I can beat the odds, you can too”!!

My Mission

In 2017, I implemented my Nurse_Haskins brand and boldly told others to “Own Your Brand~ Own who you are” within my debut YouTube video.  My vibratious energy, charisma and compassion for people helped me to lead the journey by inspiring others through motivational speaking, mentoring, and giving hands-on tips of wisdom by sharing my story in daily Instagram posts, Facebook, and YouTube.

What I do

My goal is to inspire and empower others through motivational speaking, teaching and mentoring, by providing hands-on tips for studying in their field of focus . 


My goal is to provide you with ways to maximize your potential through study tactics, ideas, and methods of conquering your “fear of failure”  that many of us have faced along the journey to success. Having confidence your role and in  yourself will help you to jump~ leap~ and Go for it!!

Motivational Speaking / Network

As a presenter, I find that it is extremely important to interject “humanity” within my speeches so my audience can relate to the topic. My journey of juggling motherhood while working full-time was not easy but it has been worth every struggle in that I can provide encouragement, strength, and a foundation of knowledge to my audience.


I firmly believe in building a trusting relationship with people first. It’s important to form a collaborative effort while providing care which will increase the probability of the most optimal outcome for the patient. In addition, it will also allow you to seize opportunities to learn, grow and develop your success rate!    


Let me help you reach your goals.

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