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For so many years, people who knew “what” I did for a living, friends, family, and associates. I was known as “Nurse Haskins” and I would answer; I’m Ali’Ce…. off work today and not triaging your illness over dinner!!.

I never realized they were helping me to “OWN MY BRAND”. Whether in scrubs, in class, teaching, meeting, mentoring others, etc., I was still being called “Nurse Haskins”. A survivor who made it…. against ALL odds, statistical data, socioeconomic status, and single mother of 2 beautiful children. Born in Paterson NJ who lost my mother at age 12 and moved to Englewood, NJ. As a first generation graduate of high school to cross the stage, I entered the U.S. Army Reserves and later realized that was not my calling. I returned home in 1991 and began the path of caring for others amidst my loss.

After several career adventures into business school, and the corporate realm, I followed my first love for people. This passion drove me to apply for Nursing School in 1999 and climb that same ladder, from LPN, ADN, BSN, MSN, and FNP. I later returned to the technical college where I started to teach nursing as a clinical instructor in order to curve the mindset of those who joined or transitioned into the nursing field.

Today, I am a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who prides myself in my role. After I started my journey working as a Certified Nursing Assistant of which I often tell my students while teaching at a local community college. “If I can beat the odds, you can too”!!

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