30 Day Journey to Surviving the Loss & Journal through Healing (Bundle)



I know first hand, how challenging and debilitating grief can be…..grief has NO EXPIRATION DATE~

“It just takes time”.

Maybe you or someone you know has been in a space of healing and grieving; unable to find clarity or make sense of where and how to began to deal with the emotions and feelings of debilitation on days that are “just not good days”.

One of the things, therapy taught me was to “release the emotion…… don’t keep it in, and I began journaling.

The book as well as the journal are what’s included in the BUNDLE…..the bundle package of personalized “signed copy” of the “30 Day Journey to Surviving the Loss” PLUS the “Journal through your healing “.

  • Write a letter to your loved one
  • Commit to healing by receiving affirmation of hope and love only found within
  • Each day reflection of  your personal commitment to healing

This book and journal package will allow you to travel with me, in that space of feeling defeated by LIFE~ yet determined to experience healing after losing my loved one.

Let’s journey together, experience the emotions that are normal and process where we are today, and start the process….

Day one or One day…….You decide. 


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