“30 Day Journey to Surviving the Loss”



30 Day Journey to Surviving the Loss seeks to invite you into the candid reality of accounts of a Mother who died with her child, yet she was forced to live through a journey of spiraling through self-destruction, self-induced homelessness, and loss of self-worth while suffering in silence with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and thoughts of suicide.

In the end~ the best part of any journey is recognize the need for healing through the process.

If you have ever lost anyone, this book will pick you up on the side of the road as we journey together through the grief process of survival after the loss. I encourage you to travel with me in healing and restoration.

Each copy be delivered to you personalized and signed by the author with a special message of healing. 

  • If you have experienced the loss of a loved one and need help coping, this reading is for you.
  • How do you commit to overcoming the pain of losing a loved one without feeling guilty or responsible in some form of guilt or regret.
  • Are you struggling with finding peace or happiness after suffering a loss?

All of these feelings as well as your NEW REALITY~ is why I chose to release MY TRUTH with hopes and prayers of helping others to heal as well.


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