“So you’re FAILING Nursing School”


So you’re FAILING Nursing School~ This is what you do!!

Nursing School doesn’t teach you how to become a disciplined learner, develop intentional study regimens, or build relationships to foster your growth into becoming a NURSE~ but this is your DREAM!!! 

  • Are you struggling as a nursing student with confidence on exams, understanding concept maps, or retaining the information?
  • Have you spent countless hours and late nights reading material and did not retain any of the information?
  • Did you take the exam and did not PASS by 1-3 points and you are getting discouraged?
  •   Have you been told, you should rethink your nursing journey because you’re not doing well??

This 26 page intensive eBook has been designed especially for you!!

Key points:

  1. Peeling back the layers of the ONION~ let’s start from the core 
  2. Getting PAST today by developing key concepts
  3. BONUS Daily, Weekly calendar templates
  4. Concept map to recovery before the exams
  5. Discover your learning style and how to set intentional goals for success

and much more…….





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