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Now that we’re passed the holidays, I recognize it’s now time to buckle down while preparing for 2021. 
Discount codes can be hit or miss and sometimes frustrating to use, and there’s NO time to search for a CODE
I’ve ADDED the discount for you!!!!
YES~ for a limited time ONLY you will be able to GRAB “BOTH EBOOKS” for under $20!!!
Now that’s a DEAL! I hope that you will find the value of resources, I have strategically placed in each of these~
 Nurse Haskins to you!


The Secrets of a Nurse: How to Pay for Nursing School and Not Go BROKE Includes: 

Who is eligible for financial assistance?

How do I know which scholarships to apply for

When should I start applying for scholarships?

How to understand interest rates?

What does a GREAT Essay look like!?

Key Steps to financial success 

How does school accreditation work with financial aid?

The trifold decision to choosing the RIGHT school   


List of 10 scholarships to apply for…

5 tips on how to write a GREAT ESSAY



Getting the BEST out of your experience. Confidence is KEY!

Taking the TEST ~understanding how you process information

Key concepts to formulating test strategies and plans for success

Maximizing your study time and juggling your life

Tips and strategies on how to retain the information after you study

Study strategies & updated info on NCLEX prep to increase your test

scores up to 40%

and so much more……….


Master the art of your learning style~ the best-kept secret!!

Who’s going to PAY for this?

List of 5 BONUS resources to get you started.

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You will receive a digital copy of both The Secrets of a Nurse: How to Pay for Nursing School and Not Go BROKE and The Secrets of a Nurse: “How to Survive Nursing School” E-Book. 
This is an INSTANT download product.

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