The Secrets of a Nurse: How to Pay for Nursing School and Not Go BROKE


Just like you, my dreams of becoming a NURSE did not come with a lot of savings, a trust fund, or inheritance. This is why I too understand how important it is to be able to afford to FUND your dreams!
Many of us were not taught how to be successful by gaining a level of “financial literacy” and avoiding debt.
What does it mean? Financial literacy is the ability to utilize knowledge and skills to manage your financial resources effectively. 
Why is this important? Having the necessary tools and resources available will allow you the necessary foundation for success.
The Secrets of a Nurse: How to Pay for Nursing School and Not Go BROKE Includes: 

✔ Who is eligible for financial assistance?

✔ How do I know which scholarships to apply for

✔ When should I start applying for scholarships?

✔ How to understand interest rates?

✔ What does a GREAT Essay look like!?

✔ Key Steps to financial success 

✔ How does school accreditation work with financial aid?

✔ The trifold decision to choosing the RIGHT school   


✔ List of 10 scholarships to apply for…

✔ 5 tips on how to write a GREAT ESSAY


You will receive a digital copy of The Secrets of a Nurse: “How to Pay for Nursing School and Not Go BROKE” E-Book. This E-Book will provide the necessary resources to help alleviate the cost of Nursing School for you! The digital copy will be available through a PDF file ready to view on a desktop or mobile device!

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